Our Treats

So what’s so special about us.

Well, we know the media landscape better than most. We can tell you what will become a story and what will be ignored. We know how media selects, treats and covers business and products. And we tailor you communications to get the best free coverage you can get.

We also have an idea or two about social media. Okay, make it three:

“Be bold. Be honest. Be conversational” And we build up from here.

We see our work as a journey: we plan it carefully, we map the road, take the necessary risks and gain new territories through creative concepts and step-by-step implementation.

We don’t measure our achievements in the end, but everyday: real time feedback is one of the tools we use to improve our work and to bring added value for each of our clients.

Also, we like visuals (video included) and we have quite a good capability to produce it.

From company logos to company presentation movies, to TV ads, we can do it (or at least conceive it) in-house. But it’s not for the image’s sakes.

We always start our journeys with strategic insights which enable us to draw accurate maps and identify new opportunities for ground breaking PR, digital work and B2B campaigns.

It’s a lot more to it than this. How about you give us a call?